About me: Hi, I’m Bailey Newington and I’m an artist/musician studying Film and Fine Art and Lancaster University, usually working with analogue video tech and sound. Here is my humble website (sorry if things don’t load, I don’t have much bandwidth 😪), displaying some of my most important projects that I have made from roughly 2021 onwards. I hope you are enjoying looking through them!
Some of my ‘skills’:
Audio Synthesis, Processing, Production & Engineering 🔉💿: I have been using Logic Pro since I was 15 - I am usually using Logic (or Max (Cycling ’74)) every day! I work with a variety of instruments and genres, but I’m mostly ‘In The Box’. I have made conceptronica pieces, composed film scores and designed a lot of sound for films as well as my own video / installation projects. I am really into electronic music, and I’m currently working on a short tech-house EP (my big inspiration is Actress) which should be released…soon! I also play the drums and have recently joined a band!
Video (Analogue and Digital) 🎥📺: I started working with analogue video before digital – I have a bunch of CRTs which I used to process video. Then I bought some old video processors and circuit bent them myself, creating amorphous glitches, colours and tears to further process the signals. To digitise these glitches, I invested in an old chroma-key unit with a pretty sturdy TBC, which actually resulted in even more weird, processed stuff as the analogue signals became stabilised (through buffering) and then digitised. For digital video, I have experience with TouchDesigner, working with cameras (Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Blackmagic Ursas) and the editing softwares Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects (and Premiere, but I prefer using Final Cut) – I have edited and created effects for several of my projects as well as some narrative films.
Installations 🖥️📽️: I have created quite a few installations, utilising several components and mediums despite budgetary and practical constraints. Several examples can be found throughout the website (my favourite so far is probably the MIDI feedback project!).
Drawing, Construction & Painting ✍️🛠️🎨: Despite working digitally, I have grown up drawing at almost every opportunity. I will try to upload some drawings in the next few weeks, but I am able to draw ideas in my head to realise concepts and to work with other people. At A-Level I was able to learn how to work with metal, wood and polymers, using several machines such as centre lathes, bandsaws, pillar drills, sanders, and so on. I can also paint with acrylics – I did it for most of A-Level art.
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Thank you!