Title: All My Fav Websites Start Melting???
Date: Nov 23
Medium: Video (to be played on any PC), No Sound
Dims: N/A
Elevator Pitch: I get really annoyed when I can't access a cosmic amount of information, if there's no WiFi/servers are down or some other reason...basically I just take this 'ability to access' for granted. It's my ritual and necessity. How can I know what is going on around the world????? It's annoying when I can't access this information but what if my fav websites just...melted (in a quite organic manner)? That wouldn't make me annoyed that would just concern me. It would scare me. When you see something that you have a sort of binary reliance with to be there for you just...liquefy on your screen. And it creates these kind of ghost images and abstracts these securities. I quite like how it looks, but I can't get my dose of info :(((((((((( can't check Instagram...
Thumbnail & Link: YouTube