Title: Untitled MIDI System
Date: May 24
Medium: 2x CRT (PVM), 3x LDR Sensor, Laptop (running Ableton Live & MIDI Monitor), Arduino Leonardo, Breadboard, 3x 10KΩ Resistor, Wires, Speakers
Dims: N/A
Elevator Pitch: Three light sensors (LDRs) interact with two CRT displays to manipulate and reconstruct pop music in real time using granular processing. Using the amorphous medium of light challenges the notion of certainties in pop ideology, and it’s interplay with sound perhaps uncovering the uncanny point (in between the two) where such ideologies reside (meta)physically. One display shows a complication of pop videos, the other an audio visualisation of the newly processing sound (feedback loop). The third LDR controls a master reverb, which unlike the other two sensors decreases as they are exposed to light.
Thumbnail & Link: YouTube
Untitled MIDI System